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DIGITAL marketing sins to avoid


Although we live in a civilized society, the business world remains a jungle.Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Digital is new; everyone is excited. The CEO wants to tick all the items in the digital checklist. He wants a great website. The traffic target has been set. A Social media team has been created. Even a large part of the marketing budget has been allocated to digital. In this enthusiasm...

my mistakes


Did you take the bait ? This is not my confession. This is a list of your mistakes too. One of the strategies I have adopted after I stopped being a reckless adventure-seeking maniac is to figure out my frequent mistakes. This helps me become a less reckless adventure-seeking maniac. my ego, my enemy It took a lot of time for me to recognize that my ego is not always my friend. It is helpful, but...

sijin stephen

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